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I love geography, I really do. Sadly, so many students (and adults) think geography is boring. When taught well, geography will engage your students and keep them interested! What's the secret? Make it real. One of my students' favorite projects is to plan a vacation. No matter what country or continent you are studying, you can plan a trip! Who doesn't enjoy going on vacation?

Learn Geography While Planning A Trip Across the U.S.A.

It seems like more and more teachers are having to find their own curriculum materials. In the past, post-testing always needed careful planning because teachers had often finished the materials provided by their school. That can still be a problem, but it's getting better as standardized tests are moved closer to the end of the year. However, many teachers have posted on social media that they do not have social studies materials or a reading program. So what materials can teachers use if they don't have a textbook?

What To Teach When You Don't Have a Textbook

Are you looking for a unique set of classroom awards? Honor your students unique character traits with these end of the year awards featuring famous people from history.

This set of 40 Character Trait Awards are named for different people. Each person represents a character trait related to their achievements. For example, Thurgood Marshall represents Citizenship, while the Julia Child award is for Enthusiasm. The historical people on the awards include both men and women and represent a variety of cultures.

This year, celebrate your students character by giving end of the year awards that focus on positive character traits. Each trait is related to a historical person. Great for upper elementary, middle school, or high school students.
There are times in the school year when teachers really need a few go to activities that are high engagement but also integrate whatever the class is studying. The day before a big break, the day after the semester exam, and the end of the year are examples of these teaching dead zones. Teachers can't really start something new, but there is too much time to not do something. Those times are perfect for interactive games!

Keep students learning at the end of the year but playing games! Read about five fun but low prep games that teachers could use in upper elementary, middle school, or even high school grades.

Some games require a lot of prep or purchasing manufactured games, but for those last minute days I recommend having a few games that are really simple and can be prepped early in the year to be used over and over. Or even better, they don't really need any prep. I advise teachers to pick a few games they enjoy using and train students on how to play them during the first month of school. If students are already familiar with the games, teachers won't need to spend time explaining the rules or expected behaviors - and prevents students from getting off task before they even begin playing.

As the end of the year draws near, teachers often find themselves out of curriculum. Everything had to be covered before testing - plus students and teachers are just out of gas. What can teachers plan that is both educational and engaging? Instead of boring kids with a bunch of movies, spend a few periods having them record their memories of this year! Teachers and students can celebrate each other's successes, as well as reflect on the memories that were made.
Class Memory Books are a great way to end the school year! Students have a change to reflect on their growth as they work together to complete a keepsake of their school year. Stop by the blog to learn more about this end of the year activity. Great for 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade.

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