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Are you trying to integrate more writing into your social studies classroom? There are many simple ways teachers can integrate writing activities into their social studies lessons. Many teachers are already using a few of these, but this post may give you some new ideas!

10 Simple Ways to Integrate Writing in Social Studies

One way teachers can find the time to include more writing is to replace an exam with a writing project. On Bloom's Taxonomy, Knowledge and Comprehension are the lowest order thinking skills. While exams can include higher order thinking skills (HOTS), a writing project can easily require students to use those skills, including Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation.

Integrating language arts skills into social studies can be tricky.  There is already a lot of subject matter to cover without having to teach reading and writing skills as well! If a social studies teacher did not receive much language arts training within his or her certification program, integrating these skills can be even more difficult. However, within the Common Core framework, social studies teachers are expected to integrate reading and writing skills. In addition, it can be difficult to know which skills students need. The good news is many social studies teachers already use some of the most important reading skills. Adding reading to your social studies lessons may not be as difficult as it may seem.

6 Reading Strategies You Need to Teach Social Studies

Over the past few years, many teachers have begun using interactive notebooks. Like all classroom strategies, interactive notebooks have their pros and cons. They can be tricky to work into an already packed classroom schedule, but if used correctly they can be completely worth it. In my own classroom, I have found them to be a useful tool that supports student learning.

How to Improve Student Learning with Interactive Notebooks - Interactive notebooks can be powerful tools to improve students reading comprehension and note-taking skills, as well as support students' recall of class concepts.  Stop by the blog to learn different ways to use interactive notebooks in your classroom to increase student learning!
There are so many grants for educators that it is really a shame so few teachers apply for them. Some colleagues told me they don't have time, while others said that it was too complicated. The ones that had applied often said that they hadn't been awarded the grants, so they didn't want to try again.

How to Write Successful Teacher Grant Applications - Read about five proven strategies used by a teacher winner of numerous grants at local, state, and national levels!

The Hero Two Door Down made the Sunshine State Readers book list for grades 3 - 5 - for good reason. This book is based on a true friendship between Jackie Robinson and a Brooklyn neighbor. The story of the baseball legend's friendship with this boy is told by Sharon Robinson, Jackie's daughter. Keep reading to learn how teachers could use this book in the classroom.

The Hero Two Doors Down is based on a true friendship between  baseball legend Jackie Robinson and a Brooklyn boy. Told by Jackie's daughter, Sharon, this book could be integrated into a unit on civil rights or culture, as well as used as a mentor text for character development.

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