If you are like me, science is not your first love.  I find that because science was not my "best" class, I have to work extra hard to make it fun at school - not to mention do my research to make sure I know more than some of my students!  (I live in NASA country, so yes, some of my students really do know a lot!)
I recently attended an all day science training and got some terrific ideas. I wanted to share some of the free resources that are available to teachers.

Scholastic's Studyjams

There is a lot to like about this free website for math and science!  First of all, it is incredibly organized.  There are topic pages, and on each topic page there is a list of the specific videos available.  For example, I know we will be studying matter next.  There is a whole page of Studyjams on matter.  I might want to show the first video, Properties of Matter,
The second awesome thing about Studyjams is that each video has an interactive quiz!  Teachers could show the quiz and have each student write down his or her answers, or if it is a review have the students work in teams.  These are also great for your lab time.

DK Findout!

DK books have created a new online website.  If you love DK books, you will love this site!  There is a link for each subject area.  Again, you can select your subject and it will take you to an introductory page.  Each topic links to related topics.  I haven't spent a lot of time on the site yet, but it looks to be a great, basic research site.  It doesn't give an overwhelming amount of information, and it points kids to great further research.  For teachers, it has a lesson planning link.

Mr. Parr's Youtube Videos

At our training day, we went around the room and spoke with many teachers from different schools about what was successful for them.  Mr. Parr was mentioned over and over again.  He takes current hit songs and rewrites the lyrics to ficus on science topics.  These are very, very popular with kids.  You have to check out his site!


Okay, okay, this one is definitely not free.  (I doubled checked the price...)  However, if you can get your PTO or school to fund it, this site is totally worth it.  It is similar to Studyjams in some ways, but Brainpop covers all topics.  Brainpop has a short movie, and then offers many options.  There is a quiz (which teachers can print out), related lesson ideas, activities, and links to related topics.

Do you know of any other great free or almost free resources?  Which ones are your favorite?  Please let me know - I am always looking for some!

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