Top 10 Things To Do Before Winter Break

Post has 10 things to do so you can have a work-free break!  Free download in post.

Who is counting down the days more - your students or you?!  Before you leave for the holiday break, consider finishing these 10 things to prepare your classroom for January.  Then you can enjoy your winter break without doing any classwork!

10.  Have students clean their desks.

Okay, I think this is good to do before any long break.  I know the custodians wipe everything     down, but remember - they are hurrying to leave, too.  Plus I think students need to be responsible for their own space.

9.  Plan for your first week back.

I hate the pressure of that first week back.  If I don't prepare before the break, I know I will crack out the books and work on it while I am supposed to be recharging.

8.  Make copies for the first few days after break.

See #9.  Once you have planned, get your copies made.  Then you won't have to wait in line behind the other 20 teachers making copies after break - or stay late to make them.

7.  Make a list of any needed supplies.

Do you need to replace any supplies?  Make a list of what you need and add them to your class newsletter.  If you don't have a newsletter, take the list so you can pick up what you need while you are out and about over break.

6.  Finish all grading.

Honestly, do you really want to grade over break?  No, you don't.  And you really won't want to grade papers that are weeks old in January either.  Be sure to upload the grades into any online grading system you use.

5.  Clean off your desk.

Start the New Year clean!  I am a paper stacker, but every once in a while things have to go.  Sort papers into file or toss, then put them where they belong.

4.  If you are teaching any novels in January, take a copy home to read.

Okay, so this is work, but I don't really count reading as work.  You will be glad you reread your novels when you start teaching them.

3.  Take down any seasonal decor in your classroom.

You don't want to have to rush around changing decor come January.  If your students are old enough, have a few of them change the decor on the last day before they leave.

2.  Throw out or take home any food.

I mean, do you really want to eat food that has been sitting around for months?  Especially if you get bugs in your classroom (common problem here in Florida.)  Start fresh in January.

1.  Unplug all devices and leave everything at school.

So YOU can unplug!

Click on the image below to download the checklist.

Post has 10 things to do so you can have a work-free break!  Free download in post.

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