Who is counting down the days more - your students or you?!  Before you leave for the holiday break, consider finishing these 10 things to prepare your classroom for January.  Then you can enjoy your winter break without doing any classwork!

Top 10 Things To Do Before Winter Break - Post discusses 10 things teachers should to do so they can have a work-free break!  Free downloadable checklist in post.
6 Easy Steps to Make a Bulletin Board "Present" - Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to decorate your room for the holiday? This post shows teachers how to make a bulletin board look like a present.
It is always nice to change the decoration in your room. It is like changing your hair - the kids always notice! In our building, decor just does NOT stay on the wall. EVER. As much as I might want to decorate, it just is too much hassle. Changing the bulletin board though - that is easy.

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