5 Fast Ways to Review for 5th Grade ELA State Tests

Are you looking for some fun ways to engage students in test prep activities? Try using games to get students involved in test review! Having a set of games is best, because students can be broken into small groups to rotate through the activities. Limiting students to groups of 3 or 4 is best, because fewer students actively participate in larger groups.

How can teachers get data on student knowledge from games? Integrate test review questions with easy to play games! Students complete the review as they play the game, then turn in their review packets. Teachers can then analyze the errors to see where more lessons and review are needed.

I created a set of test prep activities specifically for 5th grade reading and language standards. Each game has a different focus with specific categories. In addition, there is a practice test written in FSA ELA style. This set of test prep resources covers nearly all the standards for fifth grade.

FSA was developed from the AIR test. It isn't exactly the same, but it's similar. Florida Standards are based on Common Core standards, so these review activities would work for any CCSS- based state standards.

Practice ELA Standardized Test

This Practice Reading Test is designed in a similar style to the FSA reading test. It includes two paired literature passages and  2 informational (nonfiction) passages paired with an audio passage. The passages have paired topics or themes written on a fifth grade reading level (estimated.)

Also included are 17 multiple choice reading comprehension questions written in test style, as well as 3 grammar questions. These questions meet the fifth grade Common Core State Standards or Florida State Standards.

Test Prep Game Show & Practice Test

This interactive ELA Test Prep Game Show includes five categories:
  • Vocab
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Multimedia
There are five questions in each category.  The questions are set up as questions and answers - not in the TV game show style. This game is a general review of the fifth grade standards.

All of the questions are also included in a printable pdf. Teachers could use the pages at the same time as the game to help keep students focused on the review. Another idea is to save the pages and hold a "practice test" another day. Finally, teachers could print the review pages for students that were absent during the review.

Please note: this game show will only work in PowerPoint.

Grammar & Spelling Jenga

Grammar & Spelling Jenga includes six different categories with ten questions in each. The six categories are:
  • Conjunctions, Prepositions, & Interjections
  • Perfect Verbs
  • Correlative Conjunctions
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Titles of Works
The practice questions are written in test format.

Grammar & Spelling Jenga is a test review that is meant to be used with a traditional Jenga game set (not included). To prepare my Jenga game, I used six permanent markers to color the ends of a Jenga game. I matched those colors to the game categories. To move a block, students have to correctly answer a question in the coordinating category. Teachers could also use the review sheets as worksheets.

Vocabulary Kerplunk

This Vocabulary Kerplunk game is played similar to the Jenga game. Before students can remove a stick, they need to answer a question in the coordinating color category.

This review game has three categories:
  • Context Clues (homophones & words relating to their synonyms and antonyms)
  • Affixes
  • Figurative Language (Idioms, Similes & Metaphors, Adages & Proverbs)
There are 10 questions for each category. Because Kerplunk can sometimes be played pretty quickly, I included two sets of game sheets in the resource for a total of 60 questions.

Build A Word Affixes Card Game

In this Build A Word card game, players collect prefixes, suffixes, and root words to build longer words. There are eight prefixes, eight roots, and eight suffixes. They were carefully selected to ensure that they would be easy to combine. Wild cards are also included in the deck.

Word Family cards are also included to help students that need more support.

This game is recommended for students 10 and older.

Money-Saving Bundle

All of these resources are available in a money-saving bundle. If you have already purchased a resource in the bundle, TPT will refund the cost of the individual resource after buyers purchase a bundle. Simply submit a ticket to TPT.

If you have any questions, please ask. Also, I always appreciate feedback on the resources. I read every single feedback and use it to see what students enjoy and how to improve resources.

If you are looking for some test prep ideas, check out 5 Fun Ways to Use Test Prep in the Classroom.

Florida teachers may also be interested in reading How to Prep for FSA ELA: 5th Grade.

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