Comprehensive Practice for 3rd Grade ELA Test Prep

Every year, I dreaded the countdown to FSA state testing. There was never enough time to fit everything in - or at least teach all concepts to mastery. In addition, cramming in test prep just seemed rushed and, well, not very effective. 

It occurred to me that I did test prep practice like this every single year. Then one time I had this thought: Instead of reviewing at the last minute, why not review a few weeks earlier? 

Comprehensive Practice for 3rd Grade ELA Test Prep

By practicing earlier, teachers have enough time to analyze students' review pages and really focus on just the concepts the class needs. With so many language arts standards covered on the standardized tests, how can teachers get a good idea of what those weaknesses are?

To solve this problem, I created a bundle of games and practice tests that cover the ELA standards for third grade. Many of these resources could be used as small group activities or in centers. I created a few to accompany game play of store purchased games, but the reviews could also be used alone. Resource games have specific categories, so it is clear which standards are being practiced. 

Reading Practice Test Literature, Informational, Grammar 3rd Grade

Practice ELA Standardized Test

In order to help students prepare for testing, I created a 3rd Grade ELA Practice Test. As I am in Florida, I formatted my practice reading and grammar questions like the FSA test. The FSA test was developed from the AIR test. Teachers have told me the test layout is similar but not exactly the same.

The third grade test includes two literature passages and two informational texts. Each set is paired to have similar themes or topics. 

Comprehension and grammar questions are also included in testing format. I recommend using the practice test as a whole class activity, so that students have an idea of what to expect on testing day. Nerves are always a concern during testing, especially in third grade.

ELA Game Show & Practice Review Test 3rd Grade

Game Show & Practice Test 

This interactive ELA Test Prep Game Show has five categories. The questions are set up as question/answer - not the TV show style questions. This is a general review that hits on many standards quickly. To help teachers prepare students for the multimedia questions, there are five questions that cover a different types of multimedia.

The Game Show categories are: Vocab, Grammar, Spelling, Reading, and Multimedia.

All of the questions are also included in a printable pdf. Teachers could use the pages at the same time as the game to help keep students focused on the review. Another idea is to save the pages and hold a "practice test" another day. Finally, teachers could print the review pages for students that were absent during the review. 

Please note: the Game Show will ONLY work in PowerPoint.

Grammar & Spelling JENGA Review Game 3rd Grade

Grammar & Spelling Jenga

This Grammar & Spelling Jenga review has six color categories with 10 questions each. Instead of having teachers glue questions onto the block, I organized each category onto a printable page. The title tells both the category topic and the color (in case color printing is not available.) To move a block, students must  answer a question in that color category. When I play tested this game, we were able to play more than one game without running out of questions.

The six play categories are: Nouns & Verbs, (Comparative & Superlative) Adjectives, Conjunctions, Punctuation, Spelling, and Sentence (Agreement). Again, I wrote the practice questions in a similar style to the actual test format. 

There are colored Jenga games out there for sale, but I think it took me 30 minutes to use permanent markers and just color the ends of the blocks. I used black instead of orange, because it was very difficult to tell orange and yellow apart.

3rd Grade ELA Test Prep Vocabulary Kerplunk Review Game

Vocabulary Kerplunk

This game is set up similar to Jenga. Vocabulary Kerplunk has three different colors of sticks that players pull out, so the game has three color categories. The resource includes two sets of game sheets with 30 questions (10 in each category.)

The three categories are: Shades of Meaning, Affixes, and Literal & Nonliteral Words (Idioms, Homographs, &  Homophones).

Kerplunk is available in stores. I found mine at Target.

Shades of Meaning Review Card Game

Shades of Meaning Card Game

Shades of Meaning is played like the card game Authors, which is similar to Go Fish. This game includes 11 shades of meaning word families: Easy, Hard, Like, Dislike, Loud, Quiet, Look, Run, Jump, Say, and Sit. Each family has four different related word cards.

Players try to collect the four words within the word family. It is a fairly simple game that can be played with 3 - 5 players.

ELA Test Prep Bundle 3rd Grade: 4 Games & 1 Reading Practice Test

Money-Saving Bundle

These five resources are also available in a money-saving bundle! If you have already purchased a resource in the bundle, TPT will refund the cost of the individual resource after buyers purchase a bundle. Simply submit a ticket to TPT.

If you have any questions, please ask. Also, I always appreciate feedback on the resources. I read every single feedback and use it to see what students enjoy and how to improve resources.

If you are looking for some test prep ideas, check out 5 Fun Ways to Use Test Prep in the Classroom.

Florida teachers may also be interested in reading How to Prep for FSA ELA: 3rd Grade.

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