Save Valuable Time with Printable Labels

Organizing your classroom can be fun if you enjoy decorating - but it can also be very stressful during the school year. When you have a million things to do, printing, laminating cutting, taping, etc. eats up a lot of precious time. Instead of making card stock labels for everything, try printing sticker labels! Stickers are easy to print and easy to remove - making it easy to change labels as needed.

Save Valuable Time with Printable Sticker Labels

Avery is now making printable labels using Astrobrights colors. These labels are also available in packs of white, but the Astrobrights pack comes with bright pink, yellow, orange, blue, and green label pages. They come in either 1 2/3" round labels or 2" x 2 5/8" rectangles. The labels are available on Amazon, but I found them for less money at my local Target. For teachers who enjoy having bright labels, these sticker labels are a great alternative to printing card stock.

Save Valuable Time with Printable Sticker Labels

Stickers can be used for many classroom uses. Just think about all of the labels teachers make for their class. I know I made labels for student desks, supply labels so I could remember what was in each cabinet, and group labels. In addition, I labeled my turn in baskets, to be copied file, and weekday files.

When I taught elementary school, I also liked to color-coordinated student notebooks but that gets difficult when students don't bring in items on the supply list. Using colored labels to help identify notebooks would be so much easier - especially if I also printed student numbers!

Classroom Label Templates for Avery Printable Stickers

At the beginning of the school year, elementary teachers could also use bright stickers for many things. I know younger students often need help remembering where to go for dismissal, so stickers could be printed for car riders/bus riders/walker/bikers. Sometimes (okay, frequently) teachers have to send multiple copies of important papers home, so a bright colored sign and return sticker could be placed on important paperwork.

Avery has online templates available for each of its printable label sets. They do have a lot of nice designs that teachers can use, and the templates are also downloadable.

For teachers who like the labels but prefer to use premade templates, I created a set of teacher classroom templates to fit the Avery printable circular labels. There are over 20 pages of premade templates for the classroom, including numbers 1 - 100, A-Z, library genres, and classroom supplies.

Classroom Label Templates for Avery Printable Stickers

What label stickers would you use in your classroom?

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